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Get inspired….

… a product Showroom

Ecowall is a perfect system to decorate any kind of showrooms, for either consumer goods or industrial products. Whether it is a temporary showroom (for example in a hotel) or a permanent one (at company facilities), Ecowall is a perfect solution due to its adaptability to all kind of spaces, its great graphic appeal, its easy installation and reasonable cost.

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… an economical and practical Roadshow

It is becoming a trend for brands to organize roadshows, as they are a great marketing tool thanks to their good ability to interact with potential customers. Ecowall offers excellent economic and functional advantages for roadshows; easy and inexpensive transportation, adaptability to any spaces and the opportunity to reuse the material.

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The Estoril Congress Center includes Ecowall in its services portfolio.

The Portuguese fairground follows the steps of other venues such as BEC (Bilbao Exhibition Centre).

Ecowall has begun its international expansion by reaching agreement with another exhibition center that will incorporate Ecowall as a standard supplier within its portfolio of services.
An agreement that sums up to many of the Spanish venues that already have committed to the green events trend, by adding Ecowall to their portfolio.
This is only Ecowall´s first step to become established in international markets.




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Recent international projects

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McGuffin for BBVA




Talkshow set, Londres


Stand Electronica, Munich

Stand Coverings, Las vegas

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