Is it a new system on the market?

Ecowall system was patented in Spain in 2008. Later on, it has been strengthened and expanded to include both the materials and the assembly system. It was not until 2010 that Ecowall system series were launched to the market.

Only a few months after its launch, Ecowall has become an option on the market, listed inside the official files of many fairs and demanded by large companies, government agencies, media, events and conference organizers.

This experience enables us to completely trust Ecowall.

Is Ecowall a modular or a designer system?

Ecowall is a solution of ephemeral architecture based on a modular mechanical assembly system like Lego or Meccano. This means it has endless advantages because of its versatility and adaptability to any space. It also implies acost-savings and therefore reduced price factor since it is based on standard elements.

100% of its surface as well as the shape of the stand are printable and can be customized. The result is a customized and unique stand or designer element.

Therefore, Ecowall represents a new category of designer stands based on a modular assembly system, which takes the best out of the two.

Why do we say it is ecological?

Ecowall is a truly ecological solution. The material which is used comes from recycled material that underwent environmental Chain of Custody (PEFC). It is also 100% recyclable (simply throw it into the blue container) and it is reusable which meets the goal of reducing waste. Therefore, Ecowall complies fully with the so-called three "R"s of the environment.

In addition, Ecowall has been acknowledged by Ihobe society as an Ecodesign product and environmental best practice.

Ecowall is, by nature, an ideal solution for all types of companies and institutions who believe in the added value of ecological awareness and the RSC for their clients.

Why do we say it is economical?

Compared to other designer stands and ambiance setting systems, Ecowall is much cheaper, as the average saving is between 35% and 65%.

Moreover, the fact that it is reusable makes its cost easy to recover through many applications. This brings its average cost per use to an extremely competitive level.

However, Ecowall cannot and does not mean to compete with the most basic solutions on the market (basic profiling stands), since these are completely different solutions. However, if we take into account the added costs of graphics and printing (for the basic profiling stands) and the fact that these do not become your property, the costs begin to balance. In other words, Ecowall will give you a fully printed designer stand, that has the added value of being ecological, and that when its cost is recovered through several applications becomes competitive against any solution on the market.

Can it be reused?

All elements made of Ecowall material can be reused several times. Our experience says that the average re-use times range from 3 to 6 when the material is in perfect condition. However, the longevity of the elements largely depends on handling during assembly and disassembly.

Will it be yours?

All stands and elements purchased from Ecowall shall without restrictions become your property, unless otherwise agreed.

You only need to bear in mind the additional costs that may arise if you decide to hire us for disassembly, since it is an operation to be carried out more carefully, as well as the renewal of the original packaging. In any case, this cost is on average no more than 20% of the initial price.

Is it easy to assemble?

All Ecowall elements are really easy to assemble and disassemble, since they are based on a single assembly piece and require no tools whatsoever. However, in Ecowall we have a team and a network of approved installers if you wish to avoid assembling it yourself or if the assembly is a more complex one (several assemblies at the same time in different places, assembly abroad, large stands, etc).

How much space does a medium sized stand occupy? Is it easy to transport?

A stand of 24 m², for example, in its original packaging or when disassembled occupies only about 2 cubic meters. In other words, it can fit into a Euro Pallet packaging of XYZ size.

This is possible thanks to the fact that Ecowall stand and elements arrive in folded sheets of flat cardboard to the site where they are to be assembled. Once disassembled, they regain this form.

This allows for savings in transport costs, reduction of storage space and easy transport.

Therefore, Ecowall is a perfect solution for remote areas as a lot of money is saved on transport and assembly.

What is the quality of the print and the final result?

The quality of the print is excellent, and the final result is outstanding. In this way, you can obtain a stand or exhibition and decorative element with high impact on the public.

The printing method has been developed specifically for Ecowall materials so as to achieve the highest quality possible on a special surface.

What is the average production time?

The countdown starts with graphics. An Ecowall project functions as a design of a catalog, or better yet of packaging and POP advertising. After determining the size of the stand or elements (for example an L-shaped stand 3 x 4 meters), you must send us 2 images of sufficient resolution, one for each wall.

After this, we will send you a 3D preview of the printed stand for confirmation.

Once we receive your confirmation, the average time of production is two to three weeks.

We offer you the Express option which cuts down the production time by 50% and involves a 25% increase in the price.

Is there also an option of obtaining a graphic design service?

Yes. We have our own department for companies that prefer to trust us with this task for flexibility reasons. This normally requires a meeting after which we will estimate the service costs.

What is included in the listed prices?

The prices on our list are calculated on the basis of a four-color printed element, packed inside our store and ready for transport (Ex-works).

The following extra services are not included for obvious reasons:

  • Transport to final destination: price is calculated depending on destination and volume / weight of the package.
  • Special packaging: bags for reuse of elements, reinforced boxes, etc.
  • Graphic design: normally, graphic design is provided by the client, unless this service is required.
  • Lighting: to be specified and calculated depending on the type of project.
  • Assembly / Disassembly: given its simplicity, most of our customers choose to do it themselves. However, if this service is requested, its price is calculated depending on assembly location and its complexity. Disassembly must be carried out if the stand or element is to be reused or disposed. The first case involves an extra cost for careful handling of the material for reuse.
  • Furniture and accessories: in our catalogue we have a wide range of accessories. Apart from these, Ecowall does not provide any other accessories.
Can I become Ecowall's dealer?

Ecowall is a system that allows any communications agency, event organizer, etc. to become its direct dealer or recommender to their customers since this adds value to the process through the design of the walls of the stand or element. Dealers are given a special discount.

Therefore, no administrative steps are necessary in order to become an Ecowall dealer or recommender.

There will be in no case rights of geographic exclusivity.