ECOWALL is full of advantages during all the stages of an event

In the stages prior to the event, thanks to its freedom in design, its adaptability to spaces, the easy distribution of the material, etc.

In the implementation stage, due to its easy assembly, the absence of work related accidents due to its lightness, etc.

And afterwards, due to is easy disassembly and disposal or reuse as the case may be.

1- Price

ECOWALL is possibly the most economical solution for space decoration on the market because of its competitive price, cost-saving in assembly, disassembly and distribution and due to the fact that it is reusable.

2- Assembly And Disassembly

Measured in minutes rather than hours or days, which is an enormous advantage in cost and versatility; no tools, adhesives or additional elements of any kind.

3- Weight And Volume

It is so light and occupies so little space that its distribution is simple and efficient, which will save you in cost and logistic delay, as it can be transported by your own means or in light vehicles.

4- Health And Safety

Also save in scares. ECOWALL is a completely safe material to handle due to its lightness

5- Fireproof

ECOWALL receives a protective treatment which provides it with a fireproof quality greater tan that established under conventional standards, and you have the option of additional resistance with a 25% increase in the price.

6- 100% Printable

ECOWALL allows you to print fully and evenly on its entire surface, creating assemblies with very attractive large format graphics

7- Just in time

If you need a quick response, ECOWALL is the best option. The reduced production times, logistics and assembly make it a very versatile solution.

8- Reusable

The average lifespan of ECOWALL is 3-6 years. Depending on the use and care received, it could even be extended.